in the vineyard

Peter and CJ did some work in our small home vineyard this morning.  They did some topping,
which is cutting back the top growth.  It also looks like they are taking off some of the leaves to
show the grapes a bit more sun.

Soon CJ and i will be off to New Seasons Market to pick up some pizza makings for Casey to use
to make supper tonight. Cream of asparagus soup along with a grilled whole chicken is on the
menu for tomorrow if i can find some good asparagus.

5 thoughts on “in the vineyard

  1. Beth

    Sounds delicious! My daughter was esp. good at baking–still is, but I don’t get a chance to taste much as Ohio is a bit far from Texas!;>) I will be going there Aug. 1st though until Aug. 5th.

  2. monicasharman

    Someone found a rotisserie at a Goodwill and bought it…for ME! Makes great chicken.

    This summer I told my eldest son he’s in charge of dinner once a week. It’s been so helpful.

    1. nancy Post author

      Casey is just starting to do the dinner thing too. The pizza turned out very tasty. I helped by making the sauce. It’s fun to have more time to do such things in the summer.


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