putting by


In my recent travels i picked up a few small jars of peach butter while
in central Indiana to bring home. Today i baked pie crust on a cookie
sheet just so i could have a warm piece lathered with the peach butter.

I found a recipe for preparing and canning and thinking of trying it.

Peach butter recipe via pititchef.

Peter used to do a lot of canning of tomatoes and apple-pear sauce.
And i have never done any canning of my own. I would also like to
freeze some blueberries this year to use in baking and pancakes.


photo – via me

13 thoughts on “putting by

  1. Maureen

    Your image leaves me hungering. I like the idea of spreading a pie crust with jam. I recently bought some fig butter from Trader Joe’s, which also sells a wonderful cookie butter.

  2. Simply Darlene


    Just froze about 100 pounds of blueberries last night. (hint: do NOT wash the b.berries, just gently put handfuls into zip bags, lay flat, press out air, zip, freeze) It’s too hot to can right now so I make a jar of jam each Saturday from fruit I froze over the summer.

    We’ve got only one bag of wild blackberries left from our stint near Walla Walla.

    BTW, that is a grande idea about the flat crust! drool. drool. drool.


    1. nancy Post author

      it’s kind of like making a pie, but not. and since i am a crust of the pie eater…it works for me. thanks for the freezing info. i’m gonna take your advice. do you freeze the blackberries the same way?

    1. nancy Post author

      right now the blueberries are starting to reach their potential. and i need to go out and have a look at the wild blackberries along the edge of the property.

  3. steve

    That sounds delicious! Canning is such a lot of work, especially on a hot August or September day in an equally hot kitchen. Last year we had a poor harvest of tomatoes and no jalapenos, so there was nothing to can. I didn’t miss it… till December when I was looking for some home-made salsa.


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