what we do

Have you ever noticed how many things we gather and herd?  Things jump into our hands and end up arranged into our world until we are surrounded by mountains and plains of things. Stuff that becomes our companion, distraction, and attic, basement, garage and spare room filler.  It’s like there are little stuff magnets in our fingertips. We juggle things, move things, lug, dust, store, and….gather more things. Sometimes we go through and figure out who to give some to, or where to take some of it.  We end up putting some on the curb and attaching a “free” sign. Even the things that deserve to be thrown away are gathered at the goodwill for another person’s magnet-fingers to find. And in the spring and fall, the dreaded “yard sale” signs go up…and we slow down the car to get a better look…

photo from flicker

13 thoughts on “what we do

  1. monicasharman

    I did notice last week that some people had enough time in their pre-evacuation notice to rent a U-Haul truck to get more stuff packed.

    There’s a really good chapter in this Poppleton book about spring cleaning. If your library has it…

    (But really, all the Poppleton books are really good.)

  2. Owen

    And not one person in the photo looks happy. An appropriate visual editorial comment.

    P.S. I sold a bike this week. My former prize orange roadster. Now I’m trying not to spend the ‘found’ money on a camera I really, really want. So far I’ve resisted.


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