fellowship, one word, links

three steps to knowledge of a word that is not enough, on it’s own,
to comprehend the meaning. yet, might be considered interesting.


a very good read about fellowship can be had at the study light blog.  it will give you a very good insight to the words that are behind this english translation, and how they were used in the bible.

the page on the word koinonia at wikipedia gives a lot of background information to the english translation of the word fellowship.

here is a blog where you can hear the word kiononia pronounced.

for one word
at bridget’s place

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nancy marie davis

Nancy Marie Davis wine label illustrations, photography, mixed media, poetry and study in love.


  1. The New Testament Saints broke bread together as fellowship and also as worship to God. Thank you for a good post. By the way, I made a small contribution to wikipedia from your site. Interesting study there.

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