cheese, crackers and turkey

today, i sliced cheese.  very large chunks of cheese into smaller hunks of cheese.  i then proceeded to put said small hunk of cheese onto a plate and deliver it, and carr crackers, to the ever constant stream of hungry wine tasters.  over and over again from eleven until five.  except for the time i took to go and get lunch for the people that were there working the tasting.  tomorrow, i get to do it again.

just had some wonderful left over turkey and mashed potatoes.  good to have something already cooked.  i’m thinking of doing a turkey stir fry tomorrow…or turkey pizza…hum…how about turkey tacos…well…
hope your friday was hunky chunky cheezy too.

did you notice that i didn’t write “cut the?”  yes, i have learned to use the word sliced, when referring to cheese.

do you think that my blog page is has some holiday feel yet?

5 thoughts on “cheese, crackers and turkey

  1. Cheryl Smith

    I've learned too. You can't live in a house with middle school boys and not learn from your "cut the" mistakes. :)Wine tasting? How did we miss that this Thanksgiving?


    Yesterday I had a sandwich filled with turkey and cranberry sauce and stuffing. It was delish. I wish I could have been there in line for your wine tasting. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday! (And you didn't work too hard slicing cheese!)

  3. B. Meandering

    I must be more tired than I thought: it took me a minute to get the joke about the phrasing! :)I've never been to a wine tasting before–is it something I need to put on my 'to do' list?My recipes will revolve around ham, not turkey–I'm not sure about ham tacos though.Hope you're enjoying at least part of this.

  4. Glynn

    Congratulations on avoiding certain verbs when it comes to cheese. And yes, I've always thought of red as a Christmas holiday color. Lilac, too. Lilac?


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