in and around mondays . at seedlings in stone


i woke up to look out my window this morning.  i could see as far as the garden as the rest of the world was swallowed in grey grounded cloud.   the yard has green grass right now.  it is so wet that the ground can handle no more rain.  some dark brown wet leaves still gather around the apple trees.  all branches and vines are dark and wet.  the douglas fir stand firm in their dark green prickly needles.  the wind has stopped and it makes it seem like everything is holding it’s breath in some kind of solemn grief.

later in the day the sun gave up some rays for damp bones to warm themselves.  and as a true oregonian, i went outside to catch some while the getting was good… and took a walk down the road and the nearest lane.  as i walked, the dog that barks was in the house, the three horses were out with their coats on, i saw buttermilk clouds with blue sky, and i saw one of the neighbors actually doing something in his his garden.

i am here at my computer now…thinking of all that i need to do, as i read blogs and check my mail.  i have label art to finish working on in the next few days, i take peter to the airport tomorrow…  i saw that l.l. has her “around monday” post (nice snow and long blue shadow photos) and decided to join-in.

chicken is on the weber, with forty-five minutes to cook, and there is some reading i would like to do.  i am going through “the knowledge of the holy” by tozer.  i think i will finish this in the next few days.

the grey sky is now looking like it’s getting ready to swallow up the day.  time to light the lamps.

5 thoughts on “in and around mondays . at seedlings in stone

  1. B. Meandering

    " is holding its breath in some kind of solemn grief. . . the horses were out with their coats on. . ." and then "buttermilk clouds": just some of the wonderful imagery and word choice in this free-flowing 'thinking out loud' prose.


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