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  1. Linda says:

    I think perhaps He can make something beautiful even out of our trash.

  2. So, just what do you do with the trash you keep? We made a tin can man outta tin cans, plastic jugs, baling twine, and lots of knots.Blessings.

  3. Buy the way, I apologize, I forgot to thank you for the poem you left on my blog. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you, it's not everyday someone writes you a poem.

  4. I agree with B. Meandering, "one man's trash…"This is so cool, it's like a slam poem. If that's what it called? I saw live slamming once, I was on a job photographing performers slamming at a high school. It was a motivational presentation to get teens to write. They were great, but I never had the opportunity to see it again. My loss.

  5. Lovely Monday — ahh for green grass.we're snow bound, like L.L.as to the trash — priceless!

  6. Was supposed to be a :)

  7. Remember the old adage, "Someone's trash is another person's treasure!"I like the somewhat rambling effect of the words—sort of like a Shel Silverstein poem. :0

  8. Brian Miller says:

    and wont it be so nice not to carry it any longer…smiles.

  9. Maureen says:

    Do you ever wonder if trash existed in the days of the Neanderthal?

  10. Michael says:

    I really liked this. And it will be nice not to have trash anymore one day.

  11. S. Etole says:

    and trash heapsare frequentlystoresofart supplies …

  12. Glynn says:

    But from trashcomes great treasurewhen we knowhow to look for it.

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