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pleasantly disturbed

casey lips maui dec 2007

the third thursday of the month, that’s what it is, and not what i am.
though i have to admit, it is a part of me.

i miss some of the people in my life that are dead, or that i can not talk to
or be with, or in some way communicate with.
i miss being able to see them, talk with them, touch them, or share words and

sometimes i am doing something and for a flash of a moment i think of
how i would like to share it with my mom or dad, and within that flash,
the remembering that they are gone.
those flash moments lead to thoughts that are pleasantly disturbing in that i do
remember being able to share with them, even though i no longer can.

actually, i can see both of my parents to a degree whenever i look in the mirror.
bits and pieces of them are in me, along with the people that came before them…
many of whom i have never met.

i miss a few teachers, the good ones that were understanding.  they are like
shadows that follow me.  they became part of me.

family, friends, pets, created things.  there is a time that each is in my life and
becomes a part of me to some degree.  and how much a part of me it becomes
does not always match up to how much time is involved in the experience.
a connection can be made in a year, on every third thursday of the month, or
by just one word or one glance.

i know there are times that the connection seems only on my part,  i can
enjoy being present with someone or something and later miss it dearly.  or i can
take something for granted and not realize the connection until the experinece is past.
but, still, it has become a part of me, each moment, sound, and sight, each person,
every word, scent and touch, every smile, frown, hello and goodbye.

it’s all here within me, and is part of what is used to change me into what i am becoming.

photo . “cj’s lips”

everyone has a dream


i have been
yet surely
for months
moving on
moving over
moving up
letting go
joining forces
going alone

and i know
nothing will ever
be the same



God be with you always



shining a new light . 5

 We can choose to do some things now.  like in the book “radical,” we can choose to do radical things.  fast and huge changes in our living style that will produce fast and huge results.  i have often thought of selling a lot of my stuff that i have kept over the years.  the money made in this way can be used to give to children, widows, the poor.   it could be used for radical change if many people did this, even to a small extent.
 Yet, what is even more radical is new life and the change that the Holy Spirit makes in the heart of the believer.  the Holy Spirit living in us and changing us, now that is radical.  they are changes that we can’t make ourselves.  these slow sure changes to the heart and mind cause the life of the believer to become different.  continually we see our life and what we do in a new light.  we do things that we would never have done before.  certain things are not as important or precious as they once were.  it can even get to a point that selling our belongings and living simply doesn’t seem radical at all.  i think that these kind of changes don’t come in a fast and huge way, they’re made over time and in what seems like small ways and not what would be called our ways.  i think the changes have to be made in us, before we do things more in the way of Love and less in the way of man.  it takes time to be shown Love and just what, and who, it is.  comes a time, though, we catch a glimpse of this Love in something that we do, or in something someone else does, and we are held in an instant of pure recognition.

shining a new light . 4

can we do anything better than to Love God, and Love others?  if anything that we do becomes more important than that, i suppose that is where we get into trouble.  it may not look like trouble, but, your heart will be aware of it.

all of the other things that we do are to stem off of that most important thing.  if we are fretting or afraid or worried about something that we do…or that we want to do, then it takes that first place.  if we think about one thing over all the other things because we like to do it so much, or think that we would, then this could very well slip into that special first place meant for God.

we can keep God first in our love and in our fear of what we do.  we can be aware our feelings in each thing we do.  we can make sure that no one thing that we do gets to be most important in time or need or Love over the time, need or Love that we have for God.

if we get uptight, infatuated, fearful, worried, or stuck on something that we want to do, or that we already do, this thing takes center stage.

also… if we do not have that special Love, we gain nothing.  just sayin’.

so, if we want to do something, remember Love, don’t worry about the doing too much, don’t need to do it a lot more than other things you do,  do a number of things that you want to do and some that you don’t really want to do,  and do them all in Love.  and number One stays number One.

if you want to try something creative, go ahead, put that step in the dance, along with your other steps.
the steps will all blend together.  you can add steps and take away steps, and continue to do a dance of Love in God.

probably will be continued…


shining a new light . 3

what happens to us, what we do, and who we are, is effected by where our faith and fear is placed.

if our faith and fear is placed in God, then we will become and do things differently than if we place these things elsewhere.
as we continue to live and do, our faith and fear must continually be dealt into the place of God.
being created by God, we are creatures that live in time.  thus we are in continual change.
this is a precious gift of God, the ability to change.  as i read “the knowledge of the holy“*, it pointed me to this, that the possibility of redemption lies in the ability to change.  as we live with time-passing effects like growing old and loss, we can also realize a way God is using change and the passing of time.
“…change works for the children of the kingdom, not against them.  The changes that occur in them are wrought by the hand of the in-living Spirit.”
“In the working out of His redemptive processes the unchanging God makes full use of change, and through a succession of changes arrives at permanence at last.”
it is a process that takes faith, time, and God.
to be continued…
*page 51-52

shining a new light . 1


shining a new light on doing things that are different
from the things that we usually do.

so, what are some things that you think you would
like to do?  whatever it is, take a step.
don’t get your panties in a twist.  just do a little
of whatever it is.  dip your toes into the water.

to be continued…

this is the first installment
of that rewrite i was speaking about
in the previous post, a starting point.

the war of art . a starting point

since i have a problem with the reasoning in this book.
i thought perhaps it would be a good exercise for me to attempt
a kind of mini rewrite in blog style.

it might help in some way for me to do it.

though i don’t want to do it in a way of comparison.  because
i don’t plan to talk about the work as it is now, at all.  i am only
planning to use it as a starting point.

i would like to see the ideas in a new light, and what happens in
the process.


the war of art . by s. pressfield

today, i read to page sixty-eight in this book.  all the while
thinking that i could go on and read while disregarding the
parts that don’t sound, to me, like a life of faith in God.

i was beginning to choke on the reasoning that s. pressfield
serves up with the main course of simple advice to just sit down
and do the work.

i’m done with reading this little piece of work.