the war of art . by s. pressfield

today, i read to page sixty-eight in this book.  all the while
thinking that i could go on and read while disregarding the
parts that don’t sound, to me, like a life of faith in God.

i was beginning to choke on the reasoning that s. pressfield
serves up with the main course of simple advice to just sit down
and do the work.

i’m done with reading this little piece of work.


3 thoughts on “the war of art . by s. pressfield

  1. nance marie

    hi bjthanks for commenting…you are a writeri like the style of your writingyour book is already startedit has been in the works for awhile nowyou already made your resolutiona long time ago.


    I read this last summer. I actually liked it, I like his writing style and hearing his thoughts as a working writer. I am, of course, not (a working writer, that is), but I was interested in possibly maybe one day perhaps working on a book. It's not happening. At least not now.And, happily, that little feat has not shown up as a New Years resolution either. I am content.


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