the war of art . a starting point

since i have a problem with the reasoning in this book.
i thought perhaps it would be a good exercise for me to attempt
a kind of mini rewrite in blog style.

it might help in some way for me to do it.

though i don’t want to do it in a way of comparison.  because
i don’t plan to talk about the work as it is now, at all.  i am only
planning to use it as a starting point.

i would like to see the ideas in a new light, and what happens in
the process.


6 thoughts on “the war of art . a starting point

  1. Glynn

    I finished The War of Art over the weekend, and I will eventually do a blog post about it. It was a good kick in the pants, but some thign s about it troubled me. Still, I'm glad I read it.

  2. B. Meandering

    Been a rough day and I'm shaking my head to blow out the cobwebs, because I'm not quite following you! But hey, that's one of the coolest aspects of you–you stretch my mind–so I'm looking forward to whatever you end up writing.


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