shining a new light . 1


shining a new light on doing things that are different
from the things that we usually do.

so, what are some things that you think you would
like to do?  whatever it is, take a step.
don’t get your panties in a twist.  just do a little
of whatever it is.  dip your toes into the water.

to be continued…

this is the first installment
of that rewrite i was speaking about
in the previous post, a starting point.

4 thoughts on “shining a new light . 1

  1. nance marie

    linda, speaking of time, i might have something come up on that subject.steve,i like that idea. and it looks like you are taking those steps already by finding things around the area that your jobs take you and posting them on your blog. you have the vision and now you are in the process of making blog friends across the country, which is fun it itself.

  2. Steve Gravano

    I'd like to travel cross country making photos and posting photos as I go. Maybe visit various bloggers in person as I go. Kinda hard to put aside the time and $. One day I'll get 'er done!


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