shining a new light . 3

what happens to us, what we do, and who we are, is effected by where our faith and fear is placed.

if our faith and fear is placed in God, then we will become and do things differently than if we place these things elsewhere.
as we continue to live and do, our faith and fear must continually be dealt into the place of God.
being created by God, we are creatures that live in time.  thus we are in continual change.
this is a precious gift of God, the ability to change.  as i read “the knowledge of the holy“*, it pointed me to this, that the possibility of redemption lies in the ability to change.  as we live with time-passing effects like growing old and loss, we can also realize a way God is using change and the passing of time.
“…change works for the children of the kingdom, not against them.  The changes that occur in them are wrought by the hand of the in-living Spirit.”
“In the working out of His redemptive processes the unchanging God makes full use of change, and through a succession of changes arrives at permanence at last.”
it is a process that takes faith, time, and God.
to be continued…
*page 51-52

3 thoughts on “shining a new light . 3

  1. B. Meandering

    In some ways, our posts are on the same wave length—change and His redemptive processes–my wording is more like "putting the pieces back together after a big shattering change", but it's still God and His love and His power and our will in it all. How much do we let God do?I'm liking where you're taking us, Nance. I've been following along, but you post faster than I can check in! That's okay–I always catch up. :)


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