shining a new light . 4

can we do anything better than to Love God, and Love others?  if anything that we do becomes more important than that, i suppose that is where we get into trouble.  it may not look like trouble, but, your heart will be aware of it.

all of the other things that we do are to stem off of that most important thing.  if we are fretting or afraid or worried about something that we do…or that we want to do, then it takes that first place.  if we think about one thing over all the other things because we like to do it so much, or think that we would, then this could very well slip into that special first place meant for God.

we can keep God first in our love and in our fear of what we do.  we can be aware our feelings in each thing we do.  we can make sure that no one thing that we do gets to be most important in time or need or Love over the time, need or Love that we have for God.

if we get uptight, infatuated, fearful, worried, or stuck on something that we want to do, or that we already do, this thing takes center stage.

also… if we do not have that special Love, we gain nothing.  just sayin’.

so, if we want to do something, remember Love, don’t worry about the doing too much, don’t need to do it a lot more than other things you do,  do a number of things that you want to do and some that you don’t really want to do,  and do them all in Love.  and number One stays number One.

if you want to try something creative, go ahead, put that step in the dance, along with your other steps.
the steps will all blend together.  you can add steps and take away steps, and continue to do a dance of Love in God.

probably will be continued…


7 thoughts on “shining a new light . 4

  1. B. Meandering

    I like this. It's a juggling act because it's easy to get caught up in something and unknowingly push God in second place. A favorite author of mine says "Do everything out of love for God—even the dishes and cleaning your home–view them in that light and you have a whole new perspective." It's still hard for me to get excited about cleaning the house though. :) (George's paw is inbetween is trying to hold my thumb and rest his head on my hand–rather difficul to write!)


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