soap dish 2 . slight problem

just a slight problem
with this design…

the wet soap sticks to
the rocks
and lifts them up!

if you want to gather rocks.

looks like i can play with this
idea a bit more.

Published by

nancy marie davis

Nancy Marie Davis wine label illustrations, photography, mixed media, poetry and study in love.


  1. Perhaps spraying the rocks with something (so long as that something is natural), such as a tiny bit of olive oil, the kind that can be used on skin (kind of like seasoning a pizza stone)?

  2. I know you're being creative and I like the idea, but aren't the rocks set up meant for candles? Perhaps you could somehow make a space in the middle for the soap–maybe slip a subtle rectangular slab for the soap and then nestle the rocks around the slab. That way they're not touching the soap, yet you still have the effect you want.I'm smiling at how you jump from redemption to soap dishes. Love-b.

  3. I just read all your shining the light posts (and everything in-between…behind on my visiting again). Wow. I love the idea that redemption might lie in the ability to change. Wise words. Oh, and I love the soap dish too. Not sure how to keep the soap from sticking though.

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