shining a new light . 5

 We can choose to do some things now.  like in the book “radical,” we can choose to do radical things.  fast and huge changes in our living style that will produce fast and huge results.  i have often thought of selling a lot of my stuff that i have kept over the years.  the money made in this way can be used to give to children, widows, the poor.   it could be used for radical change if many people did this, even to a small extent.
 Yet, what is even more radical is new life and the change that the Holy Spirit makes in the heart of the believer.  the Holy Spirit living in us and changing us, now that is radical.  they are changes that we can’t make ourselves.  these slow sure changes to the heart and mind cause the life of the believer to become different.  continually we see our life and what we do in a new light.  we do things that we would never have done before.  certain things are not as important or precious as they once were.  it can even get to a point that selling our belongings and living simply doesn’t seem radical at all.  i think that these kind of changes don’t come in a fast and huge way, they’re made over time and in what seems like small ways and not what would be called our ways.  i think the changes have to be made in us, before we do things more in the way of Love and less in the way of man.  it takes time to be shown Love and just what, and who, it is.  comes a time, though, we catch a glimpse of this Love in something that we do, or in something someone else does, and we are held in an instant of pure recognition.

6 thoughts on “shining a new light . 5

  1. Maureen

    How beautifully you've framed that image. The reflection on the floor reminds me of a church window.It's often said that people can't or won't change. Change is possible, I believe, if one wants it enough.I especially like the last sentence in your reflection. There is no better feeling than that which comes through in that "instant of pure recognition".

  2. Lorrie

    Enjoyed this post a lot. Great insight. I saw the book "radical" at the store not long ago and have heard others mention it. There is definitely a hunger in people to be real and simple at the same time. That's good. Love is not complicated.

  3. B. Meandering

    You say this so well. I know when I made a decision to walk 'a love walk' that change came in subtle ways—but it came and I was transformed. So was my way of looking at how I could better respond to simple gestures like the teen-age grocery bagger who shivers as she loads my bags in my car (this is a requirement at our local store for big orders—they take your cart away and use a special one). (There is no rule that says you have to give only a dollar—instead be led by God's love in your heart.)I never thought I could live in such a tiny home, but I've truly learned that it's not where you're living that's nearly as important as who you're living with—yet even after missing my husband so much, I sill had to let love transform how I saw this space and how I could share it with someone else. Funny, but I swear it's gotten bigger!:)You're giving us good mental/heart food to 'chew on' and savor, Nance. Love and blessings–b.


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