In God’s Spirit


I know that there are two ways of looking at things. I can look at the world through the eyes of the world or through the eyes of God. I have a very hard time if i am not paying attention to the Holy Spirit speaking to me, if my heart is not listening.  If i do not listen to the Holy Spirit of God, my heart can become hardened to Him. Making it even harder to listen to God. A vicious cycle.
Too often i forget. And in this forgetting, i am not allowing God to speak to me, or to others through me. Also, it leaves His shield down and His helmet off. It leaves me vulnerable to the influence of the voice of evil.
I forget that to remain in God requires a continual spiritual relationship in Jesus. And that is the battle…just to remember…that in all…i relate with God and He with me. It is Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit, it is the Father that i am to relate with, and He with…and through me. It’s God’s armor and God’s power…bam!…not mine.
“Remember” to open your heart to God… and relate with His Spirit in all things.
Bible reading… Romans 8.

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