I think that perhaps i am to continually pass-along the good things that i have been given.

To share. And not to keep anything that i can not use. 
All truly belongs to God and He gives some of the same things to everyone. 
But, everyone does not do the same things with what they are given.

I wonder about what i do and why i do it.

It brings questions.
What do i keep for myself or for the future, that someone can use now?
What have i not used that could be used?
What is held back within me, within my mind, in my heart, my closet, my attic, that will only fade and decay and not be used and shared and passed-along before fading?
What have i held back, out of fear, laziness, anger, forgetfulness, greed, or lack of caring?

Does giving produce something more than i am aware of?

Does passing-along something good that we are given, join something together, does it make a way, a path?  Does it unlock something, or allow something to happen?

Not that i am going to know all the answers to these questions.
I know that i can not possibly be thinking of these things all of the time
I can’t worry and fret about the answers.
I can only continue to believe and hope and listen and be changed.
And i think that is what is actually happening.
I am still being changed.
My heart is hearing, my mind is beginning to understand,
and so
i must take some steps toward what i begin to understand.


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