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  1. to countthe cost of friendshipfoundupon the sandsof timedriftingendlesslyentwinedis to lose countof friendshipfoundbetweenfriendsarms entwinedupon the sandsof time drifting by.

  2. the fight—the battle for yourbleeding heartthe one you ripped apart in your rushto fill the voidwith mattersonly you couldundertandand time stood stillas only time can

  3. S. Etole says:

    the starsthat countedslipped into the nightand lovelost

  4. Bradley J says:

    Stars like little pings of dustraining down inwavesor is it merising upfloating through the eons of space, time,and the last thingI rememberbefore I found you.

  5. I lay my back against your chest, we curl into each other…as the slumber blessed we greet the sweet surrender

  6. now take, and takefind a placethat, till I wake,can hold the lightthat shines for days;and, if you must,pack it away.be sure to post a signso we'll know just what to findthe hour we choose to rise.

  7. betweenhearts75 says:

    If it is light that I see in your eyesmay I hold the beauty within my owncasting the reflection upward into darkened nightsto fill the black void with starsthat whisper back to usthat we are all worthyenough to feelthe presencethat can brighten,enlighten the heartin the essence,unfolding before our eyeslight in the shadow of skies,that speaks infinitely to the soulof true love.

  8. Laurayour eyes light up with loveas we reunite day or nightno words or assurances neededjust seeing you makes it alrightholding hands on our evening walkstogether as we gaze upon the moonstrolling easily, gentle with our talkkeeping it real, no need to swoonThere is warmth in our anticipationFor the golden days yet to comeI'll value our myriad journeysUntil I'm wrinkled, old and done.

  9. But night comes To us all in timethe light remains within your souland I in the starslive onin your love

  10. Melissa says:

    who knewI would find you herelooking upface to the lightnot countingon anything at allradiant in love thatcounts no cost

  11. Glynn says:

    Can we count the stars?Can we countthe grains of sandon the beach?Can we countthe love showereddown upon us?

  12. when the noon hourbreaks forthand the light within begins to sputterhold steadythe truthHis loveis worth the costof all

  13. and when the sunexplodes the nightand moon and starsdissolveand melodiesof praise resoundwithin your hearthold close my lightthe costis worthit all

  14. Maureen says:

    within your eyessafe hold my lightthen count the starsinto the night before the moon let slip from sight and ever more in thoughtdelight the cost isnotto love

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