somethin’…like a book


watercolour book

i like books.
old books, new books,
even-if-i-don’t-read-them books.

i ordered this book, “water paper paint“, by heather smith jones,
after visiting her blog for awhile.  i like checking-in on what she’s
been doing or seeing as it relates to art.

the cover of the book actually feels like watercolour paper.
the pages are soft and smooth
and filled with photos.

i don’t think this one is going on the shelf right away.
it calls to be felt and looked at.


8 thoughts on “somethin’…like a book

  1. Steve Gravano

    Cool looking cover. I like the feel of watercolor paper. Back in the days of Polaroid, I tried to master transfers onto watercolor paper and experimented with a few different types. I wonder of inkjet printers will print on watercolor paper? Heather Jones Smith's site has some beautiful art.


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