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  1. That brings back memories! Nice ones, even though I really am not an artist with paint. But who doesn't like beauty, and therefore who should not like art? Or even the creative end of that, I mean participating in that, even when one is not singularly gifted in it. It was fun. But very nice to see the finished products of others. But like Sandra wrote: "I want to play, too."

  2. Ah, the chance to be anything at all. Is the white paper eager?What is the use of the large brush?Blessings.

  3. Maureen says:

    Looking forward to seeing what your watercolors produce.I noticed how green the grass is outside your window.

  4. L.L. Barkat says:

    i do like the simplicity of this. and the sense of quiet anticipation…(hey, on a different note, you need to send me more of those same wines and send me a bill :)

  5. What will it all turn out to bewe will seewe will see

  6. I love this photo. The diffused light, brushes, paper and paints at the ready… makes for wonderful anticipation.

  7. Kelly Sauer says:

    Now why does this make me so happy?

  8. Oh, I really like this. Laid out simply–ready for your hand to take up the tools and let imagination flow.

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