friday photo . the coffee house

The Coffee House was a home when Peter, Sydney and I first built our house in the Newberg area.  The folks that were living there were just turning the garage into a coffee place. This photo is of the garage and the covered outdoor seating. Eventually the owners moved out of the house and theContinue reading “friday photo . the coffee house”

pacific evening

. . . . . . . . . . ✯ pacific ✜ (adj.) 1540s, “tending to make peace,” from M.Fr. pacifique, from L. pacificus “peaceful” peace-making,” from pax (gen. pacis) “peace” + root of facere “to make.” Meaning “peaceful, calm” is first recorded 1630s. Pacifical is from mid-15c. Related: Pacifically. ✯ Pacific Ocean ✜ 1660, from M.L. Pacificum, neut. of L. pacificus; so called c.1500 by Magellan when he sailed into itContinue reading “pacific evening”