20 thoughts on “sweet pea

  1. Beth

    I could handle just a photo on Fridays. When school starts, by Friday I’m both full of words and speechless from exhaustion, so a photo might be a good way for me to go!
    Beautiful photo btw.

  2. lschontos

    What a beautiful little bouquet Nance. I feel as though I could reach right out and touch them.
    I’ve started resting on the weekends too. It feels right. I just link to Sandy and Deidra and that is all. Well, one weekend so far, but that’s the goal from now on :-)

    1. davis

      thank you. i had been eyeing them by the road, just across from the end of our lane, every time i drove by…and finally walked out and picked one.

    1. davis

      Yes, two days of no posting. I notice that quite a few bloggers (even though they may post) don’t necessarily get online on saturday or sunday. Things are usually pretty quiet starting on Friday until Sunday evening.


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