Have you ever traveled and have things go way differently than planned?  I once spent the
night in the Denver Airport with kids. I have learned a few more tricks about air travel since
then, but, i’m still not your first-class business traveler that is able to saunter-in with all the
perks from spending an unusual amount of time flying for being a creature with no feathers.

I have been doing more reading this week. In a way that’s like traveling and resting at
the same time. I started a visual art blog here that i would like to post in, at least once a
week, about the art of another artists, or of something that i’m doing that’s art related,
which might be pictures of someplace i’ve traveled for art viewing.
I’ve also been traveling south-of-town to a state park, to do some walking on the trails.
The trails are nice. The trees are very friendly and hospitable, and you could never meet a
more charming bunch, but they’re definitely not into traveling.

4 thoughts on “travel

  1. Glynn

    I once spent the night on a cot ay O’Hare Airport in Chicago — with about a thousand other people. Everyone was very nice, and didn’t mind being stepped on.


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