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the rest of the story . post 7

Every time i went to the dining hall for a meal, i would sit with someone i had not sat with before to be able to meet more of the people who were attending. My roommate and i would walk to meals together and then split up. It was something we did without any conversation about it. Our relationship was very easy and comfortable. On the last night we did actually sit together though.

Later on Saturday evening, i made my way to the studios thinking that it would be nice to hang out there awhile. No one was there, i went in and spent some time opening the cabinets, looking at all the supplies. After that i cleaned up around the sink a bit washing some brushes out. I spotted a pile of cd’s, so i put on some music. It was relaxing just puttering around. I found some pastels and some paper, and found a space to play, and did a little piece about a vessel and light, and then cleaned up what i had gotten out. I was going to turn off the music when a younger man came in for a few minutes and then left. I was pretty much done, washed my hands, took my paper, and turned out the lights. The studios are on the far side of the Cody center, and i decided to go through the center on my way back. Going into the entry, i put the pastel on one of the stone wall shelves. The wall is made of stone and there are a few stones that are part of the wall but stick out a bit like a shelf. Leaving the pastel there was one more little art surprise to add to all the others, that had appeared over the weekend, before going home in the morning.

As i headed out the other side of the Cody center i saw the lights of the fireplace area through the trees and could hear some music and voices. I had not joined in on the late night gathering yet, so this was my last chance. I started up the path about five steps and the lights in the trees around me went out. I couldn’t see my feet, i couldn’t even see my hands. It was really dark. I thought…well maybe if I’m careful i can make it down the path. Two steps and i ran into a big rock. At that point i started to consider plan B. I turned around and there were still lights on in the entry area of the Cody center so i carefully made my way back there and went in.

Then it came to me…sticky tack! When i was looking for the sticky tack on Saturday i opened every drawer and looked all around the office. I remembered seeing matches in a drawer and a candle in a little vase on a desk in the office. The door was unlocked, so i went in and got them, brought them out and lit the candle. I started for the path and the light was in my eyes, so i held the candle up above my head and could see down the path just far enough to take about three steps. Perfecto. I walked down the path thinking…this is not my light, but, it is my light.  Ah…this is shining my light, that is not me. This is seeing just far enough to take a couple of steps. This is holding up the light that i am given…my Light that is Jesus.

I followed the path to the clearing, joined the group, put the candle on the table and enjoyed the company and music, until it was time for me to hit the hay. It was good.

And that’s the rest of the story.

I left Laity, to travel back to Oregon, refreshed and with new thoughts.

Thanks to all who planned and worked and cooked and made beds and were just plain caring.

story . post 6

.On Saturday, Bruce Herman spoke again in the great hall. He had a lot of good stuff to say, and i took a few notes. The thing is he did say something about letting our light shine. And though it wasn’t the main part of his talk, it stuck with me, and i thought it kind of strange. I mean, i’ve heard this so many times before, and it never really made much of an impact, and even this time i thought i an odd thing to say. After all Jesus is the light that shines, if anything shines from in me. David Dark also spoke and said something about letting go of the tension and letting light shine along with some other things like our particular voice and gift and way of paying attention. And there was a video on Harrison Higgins.

Later, I met a woman and was telling her of my interest in getting some ideas of things to do with with high school kids or at the community center, and she told me that i should talk to her husband, Rick, because he was a teacher. Later on i found him sitting alone and we had a great conversation. After awhile, Ivy joined in. After talking, the three of us walked to Rick’s car to help him take his art to the Cody Center. There were others in the center also setting up their art for display. I didn’t bring any with me on the flight so i watched.

While we were there, Rick was wondering if there was any sticky tack around to hang something on the wall. I looked in drawers, and found a lot of little things but, no sticky tack; i also looked around another room that looked like an office, and in a tub of stuff on a shelf, and found some blue tape, but still no sticky tack. He eventually used something or another and got the paper hung up.

There was a good turn-out of art to see. Also, all the other gathering and making of art from sticks and stones, feathers and seeds…etc…were popping up all over the place, inside and out. Every time i walked around i saw more little surprises that others had made. That part was really fun to do as well as see.

to be continued…

story . post 5

David Dark spoke to us about finite and infinite games, honest struggle, not holding to tightly to one’s identity. Sarah Dark and Matthew Perryman Jones sang and played all weekend. David and Sarah, and Matthew are very creative and talented. I’m really glad that they were there to share with us.

In the building called the Cody Center hung several works painted by Bruce Herman. They were done in warm colours and gold leaf. My photos don’t very well show the depth or  luminosity of the actual work.


to be continued…

story . post 3

continued from:  post 1, post 2

This is a photo of Steve getting his Chief Scout Executive Pin from Tim, the Deputy Chief Scout. Okay, so maybe it’s actually a microphone, but it should be a pin.

Steven spoke to us, telling us just to pay attention, slow down, be present for one another. Yep, he knew that he was talking to a room full of artists, and that anything more structured would be like trying to herd cats. He was in for a busy weekend, and totally up to the task.

Tim spoke too, and told us a story about a monk and a garden which led up to telling us to ask for what we need. Steve has been at Laity for ten years and he knows the ropes. If you want to hear the monk and garden story, you will have to ask Tim.

Reed, the english lit. grad. who grew up around Laity, was introduced, along with the very lovely and kind Ivy. Don’t let the loveliness of Ivy fool you, she is also very strong and smart; so watch out, baby.

Then Bruce Herman spoke for a few minutes.

This is a photo of Bruce listening. I didn’t get one of him speaking, but, he is good at both. One of the things he mentioned was for us to pick up things, like stones or feathers, and assemble them, make something. Also to look and be present. He talked about making and breaking and some things about the empty vessel.

After that, some people gathered at the outdoor fireplace room. My roommate went and had a great time. I was too tired and chose to sleep. I didn’t even hear her come in later, she was so very quiet.


continued…post 4

story . post 2

continued from post 1

Well, now i’m not really sure if any of the buildings were stone or not, but, there were stone walkways edged with stones, and stone fountain with brass birds, and a stone fireplace in the great room, and the outdoor, covered area, with a fireplace, was made of a lot of stone. Along with a mountain of stone, the place was surrounded by trees. Not too tall, kinda scraggly, cool-looking trees.

There were a lot of people that arrived before me, as as travel took me most of the day. I went into the office to check-in and receive my room letter, not a number but a letter of the alphabet, and the name of my roommate… No key, no card key, no need to lock the door. My roommate was a very nice woman from texas who had her stuff spread far and wide, though there was a coffee table at the end of my bed that was left for me to put my case on. There was a radio-alarm clock in the room which we would use to know when to be ready for the first bell of the day; the breakfast bell.

Yes, a bell. There were posts with bells like a ship’s bell. Each bell was attached to a metal hangar at the top of a post and had a cord attatched for ringing the bell. There were no other visible clocks, that i noticed. I turned-off my phone, there was no service. I didn’t need my ipad, there was no wifi.

That evening we were fed a delicious meal in the dining hall, and then off to the great room for introductions of the Laity staff and a talk by artist/speaker, Bruce Herman.


continued…post 3

story . post 1

frio river…road.

My husband and i got up at 4:30 am on Thursday October 11th. I gathered my case and my shoulder bag, and Peter grabbed his keys, and we were off to PDX in Peter’s huge truck, that is called “Big Blue.” He was on his way to pick up grapes from a vineyard way out east, down the Columbia Gorge, in Washington. Yes, harvest had started, and i was leaving to go to an artist retreat in Texas. Peter dropped me off at the long term parking, as he could not take his big truck up to the terminal. I waved and ran over to catch a shuttle, which happened to be waiting at one of the stops in parking. It was a very full shuttle and nice of the driver to wait for the last of the stragglers, one being me. It was still dark, and i didn’t really want to hang in the parking lot for the next shuttle.

After flying to Dallas and then to San Antonio with just a small bit of breakfast and no time for a lunch. It was time to find the car that i would rent for the two hour drive west, into  Texas hill country. I don’t know of any other place that calls the hills, hill country. I guess it’s just a Texas thing. I got the car and took a good look at the map, trying to get some kind of idea of how to get out of San Antonio. I did fairly well until i missed my first exit. But, eventually, i broke free of the spider web that goes around and around the city and was on my way. I don’t even remember, but i must have stopped somewhere for food. I drove down the highway, to a road.  I drove down the road, to a smaller road, until i came upon the turn onto the gravel road, and took the turn. The road led me down, around curves, and down, leading me to the river…into the river, then back up and out of the river, up and around curves, ending in an open space to leave my car behind. I got out of the car and followed a path to find a one story stone building with a small office to the side. I had arrived.

continued… post 2

here and there

We are still in the throws of grape harvest. It takes a lot of time and energy for several weeks. When the harvest was just getting started, i left.

I went to a place called Laity Lodge in Texas. Other people on-line are connected to the place as writers, so i often saw photos, and read about others gathering there. I waited. I wondered. Finally i decided to go and check it out.

They called it an artist retreat. And it was. I was there with a gathering of other artistic types. Mainly from Texas, but there were a few from other states as well. There were speakers that spoke on art life and Spiritual life. There were creative young musicians, the attendees, and the staff. All zeroing in on a lovely place in the Texas hill country.

It was a long way to go.  But it was a good trip. I met some awesome folks and left very refreshed.

I have a story to tell from my time there.

to be continued…

San Francisco

I’m to fly to San Francisco tomorrow morning (Thursday) and drive back home the next day (Friday). I hope to get around the city on Thursday and go to MOMA and Swan Oyster Depot…ride BART and ride cable cars…and maybe go to China Town.

Love to you.





Have you ever traveled and have things go way differently than planned?  I once spent the
night in the Denver Airport with kids. I have learned a few more tricks about air travel since
then, but, i’m still not your first-class business traveler that is able to saunter-in with all the
perks from spending an unusual amount of time flying for being a creature with no feathers.

I have been doing more reading this week. In a way that’s like traveling and resting at
the same time. I started a visual art blog here that i would like to post in, at least once a
week, about the art of another artists, or of something that i’m doing that’s art related,
which might be pictures of someplace i’ve traveled for art viewing.
I’ve also been traveling south-of-town to a state park, to do some walking on the trails.
The trails are nice. The trees are very friendly and hospitable, and you could never meet a
more charming bunch, but they’re definitely not into traveling.

new studio


An idea came to me.  How about a studio on wheels?
Watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencils…here we go.
Yesterday, i went around in the traveling studio, and
thought it was pretty cool to be able to work near the
library and the post office for awhile.
Who knows where the studio will be next.
Maybe a park, along a country road, in another state…
The above photo was taken behind coffee cottage in down-town
newberg, looking south. You are looking at a car repair shop
and car lights going by.