new studio


An idea came to me.  How about a studio on wheels?
Watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencils…here we go.
Yesterday, i went around in the traveling studio, and
thought it was pretty cool to be able to work near the
library and the post office for awhile.
Who knows where the studio will be next.
Maybe a park, along a country road, in another state…
The above photo was taken behind coffee cottage in down-town
newberg, looking south. You are looking at a car repair shop
and car lights going by.

8 thoughts on “new studio

    1. nancy Post author

      it kind of nice, i even go in there sometimes when i’m at home. my little place and space. i am starting to wonder what it would be like to have a small rv. except that might be bigger than i would like to drive and find places to park. maybe a small pick-em-up.

  1. monicasharman

    Have to admit, the first thing I noticed is that you have a really clean car. :) Great idea. Mover-shaker artist.

    Weird, this post didn’t show up on my Google Reader. Or maybe I just clicked on too many things that day.

    1. nancy Post author

      oh, the car, it has it’s clean moments. not so much on recycling day. but, i am really did like being an artist on the road.. and hoping to do more of it this summer.


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