story . post 1

frio river…road.

My husband and i got up at 4:30 am on Thursday October 11th. I gathered my case and my shoulder bag, and Peter grabbed his keys, and we were off to PDX in Peter’s huge truck, that is called “Big Blue.” He was on his way to pick up grapes from a vineyard way out east, down the Columbia Gorge, in Washington. Yes, harvest had started, and i was leaving to go to an artist retreat in Texas. Peter dropped me off at the long term parking, as he could not take his big truck up to the terminal. I waved and ran over to catch a shuttle, which happened to be waiting at one of the stops in parking. It was a very full shuttle and nice of the driver to wait for the last of the stragglers, one being me. It was still dark, and i didn’t really want to hang in the parking lot for the next shuttle.

After flying to Dallas and then to San Antonio with just a small bit of breakfast and no time for a lunch. It was time to find the car that i would rent for the two hour drive west, into  Texas hill country. I don’t know of any other place that calls the hills, hill country. I guess it’s just a Texas thing. I got the car and took a good look at the map, trying to get some kind of idea of how to get out of San Antonio. I did fairly well until i missed my first exit. But, eventually, i broke free of the spider web that goes around and around the city and was on my way. I don’t even remember, but i must have stopped somewhere for food. I drove down the highway, to a road.  I drove down the road, to a smaller road, until i came upon the turn onto the gravel road, and took the turn. The road led me down, around curves, and down, leading me to the river…into the river, then back up and out of the river, up and around curves, ending in an open space to leave my car behind. I got out of the car and followed a path to find a one story stone building with a small office to the side. I had arrived.

continued… post 2

12 thoughts on “story . post 1

  1. Cherry Moore

    Please continue. I was not able to attend this year. I love that you are writing this in a way that helps the experience unfold for those of us who couldn’t be there this year. Thank you!

  2. lschontos

    Surprisingly Texas does have some mountains too Nance – The Davis Mountains. But the hills are quite special – a lovely contrast to the flat places (like around Dallas). I’m enjoying this. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Maureen

    It’s wonderful you were able to go to Laity, do something you wanted to do, to experience the community. Looking forward to your continued story.


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