story . post 6

.On Saturday, Bruce Herman spoke again in the great hall. He had a lot of good stuff to say, and i took a few notes. The thing is he did say something about letting our light shine. And though it wasn’t the main part of his talk, it stuck with me, and i thought it kind of strange. I mean, i’ve heard this so many times before, and it never really made much of an impact, and even this time i thought i an odd thing to say. After all Jesus is the light that shines, if anything shines from in me. David Dark also spoke and said something about letting go of the tension and letting light shine along with some other things like our particular voice and gift and way of paying attention. And there was a video on Harrison Higgins.

Later, I met a woman and was telling her of my interest in getting some ideas of things to do with with high school kids or at the community center, and she told me that i should talk to her husband, Rick, because he was a teacher. Later on i found him sitting alone and we had a great conversation. After awhile, Ivy joined in. After talking, the three of us walked to Rick’s car to help him take his art to the Cody Center. There were others in the center also setting up their art for display. I didn’t bring any with me on the flight so i watched.

While we were there, Rick was wondering if there was any sticky tack around to hang something on the wall. I looked in drawers, and found a lot of little things but, no sticky tack; i also looked around another room that looked like an office, and in a tub of stuff on a shelf, and found some blue tape, but still no sticky tack. He eventually used something or another and got the paper hung up.

There was a good turn-out of art to see. Also, all the other gathering and making of art from sticks and stones, feathers and seeds…etc…were popping up all over the place, inside and out. Every time i walked around i saw more little surprises that others had made. That part was really fun to do as well as see.

to be continued…

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