story . post 5

David Dark spoke to us about finite and infinite games, honest struggle, not holding to tightly to one’s identity. Sarah Dark and Matthew Perryman Jones sang and played all weekend. David and Sarah, and Matthew are very creative and talented. I’m really glad that they were there to share with us.

In the building called the Cody Center hung several works painted by Bruce Herman. They were done in warm colours and gold leaf. My photos don’t very well show the depth or  luminosity of the actual work.


to be continued…

14 thoughts on “story . post 5

  1. revskid

    That last one for sure–it reaches out and grabs me in a good way. I find the second one disturbing—the way she is lieing with her body distorted. I have to wonder what he was thinking of when he painted this. It is still incredible–they all are and I’m sure they’re more awesome close up and in person.
    So much enrichment, huh? Didn’t you just feel ‘full up’ when it was time to leave? :>)

  2. Diana Trautwein

    Loved this beautiful artwork – and this beautiful room, too. We enjoyed David and Sarah last year at the Writers’ Retreat. Don’t know Matthew Perryman Jones. So glad you could go and that it was a rich time for you!

  3. shrinkingthecamel

    I used to listen to Sara’s CDs when she was Sara Mason, many moons ago. It was cool when I met her last year – actually shared a ride from the airport – and then realized I used to be a fan. Her songs and delivery just tear me up with desperation.


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