story . post 3

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This is a photo of Steve getting his Chief Scout Executive Pin from Tim, the Deputy Chief Scout. Okay, so maybe it’s actually a microphone, but it should be a pin.

Steven spoke to us, telling us just to pay attention, slow down, be present for one another. Yep, he knew that he was talking to a room full of artists, and that anything more structured would be like trying to herd cats. He was in for a busy weekend, and totally up to the task.

Tim spoke too, and told us a story about a monk and a garden which led up to telling us to ask for what we need. Steve has been at Laity for ten years and he knows the ropes. If you want to hear the monk and garden story, you will have to ask Tim.

Reed, the english lit. grad. who grew up around Laity, was introduced, along with the very lovely and kind Ivy. Don’t let the loveliness of Ivy fool you, she is also very strong and smart; so watch out, baby.

Then Bruce Herman spoke for a few minutes.

This is a photo of Bruce listening. I didn’t get one of him speaking, but, he is good at both. One of the things he mentioned was for us to pick up things, like stones or feathers, and assemble them, make something. Also to look and be present. He talked about making and breaking and some things about the empty vessel.

After that, some people gathered at the outdoor fireplace room. My roommate went and had a great time. I was too tired and chose to sleep. I didn’t even hear her come in later, she was so very quiet.


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6 thoughts on “story . post 3

  1. revskid

    I smiled at the ‘pin ceremony’—that is so you to put a different spin on a mundane activity!:>) Then I chuckled at the comment that any more direction would be “like herding cats.” Such a picture materialized in my head! Artists and cats. Hmmm—it might be a toss up as to which group would harder ‘to herd’.
    This sounds wonderful and I so want to go next year.

    1. nancy Post author

      I wonder if artists and cats are very much alike. I think i’m like my cat…mainly because we are both getting old and like to hang out on the porch in the summer.

    1. nancy Post author

      Yes, the idea of being present.
      It was like a quiet breeze that came through the door and gently settled a perfume upon our heads.


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