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  1. S. Etole says:

    I wondered if it might be a rather elaborate set of doors for garages on an estate.

    1. davis says:

      i like your view.

  2. I also thought that this was an interior church shot at first… very cool photo.

    1. davis says:

      so cool to get impressions that i could not get for myself. as i already know what it is.

  3. davis says:

    Last night, it was about 71 degrees outside and calm. A good night to try and get some night photos around town. This is an image of the side of a building taken from across the street. The brick is painted. Even though it is not a wonderful representation of the wall itself, i chose this image for the feeling that the shapes, colour, light gives me. I never know if the same feelings come across to other people. It seems that even though it is not clear what the image is, that it is not empty. I would like to think that it contains the feeling that i get from it and imparts it to others, as it is basically a good feeling.

  4. Owen Swain says:

    rich colours. trying to guess what it is, like Beth is

    1. davis says:

      i will add some comment information.

  5. Beth says:

    Beautiful artistry. Makes me wonder what’s behind it as it appears to be a wall. At first I thought ‘church’, but churches don’t usually have yellow arrows on their floor. ;>) It seems close to the street if that is what it is. Intriquing.

    1. davis says:

      i will add comment information.

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