friday photo . the coffee house

The Coffee House was a home when Peter, Sydney and I first built our house in the Newberg area.  The folks that were living there were just turning the garage into a coffee place. This photo is of the garage and the covered outdoor seating. Eventually the owners moved out of the house and the first floor became more indoor seating. A few years later they sold it. Another addition was made in a purchase of the home next door, which became a drive-through and conference room. It is located in the old downtown area and is about two blocks from George Fox University.

8 thoughts on “friday photo . the coffee house

  1. Beth

    Always looking for the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say, aren’t you? Helps educate the rest of us. :>)
    Cool story behind this place–looks like a wonderful place to go and relax. I can picture you and me meeting there laden with our cameras, journal or notebook, latest book being read, and mingling our minds and hearts.

    1. nancy Post author

      They and Nike started in their garage. Only Nike used a waffle iron (the sole of the shoe).

      It would be cool to see a collection of photos and stories of how some things started. Did you know that vaseline got it’s name from when the guy that came up with the stuff got all his wife’s vases and filled them with the goop and lined them up. vase-line.
      How about that? I think it’s interesting.


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