Sunday at the Portland Art Museum

i wanted to see the lee kelly exhibit, so peter and i went to have a look.

lee kelly in his barn studio

lee kelly is a sculpture artist as well as a painter.

born in mccall, idaho, he now lives on a farm in oregon city, oregon.
he has done much traveling, as well as mountaineering in some of the
places he has traveled to.
and an opb video of lee…here

the vogel collection

we also viewed the dorothy and herbert vogel collection: fifty works

for fifty states.  meaning fifty works to each state.
it was the last day for seeing this.
more… at the vogel 50×50 web site…here

northwest regional collection

and we went up to the fourth floor to view the a regional collection,
the schnitzer center for northwest art.  we saw contemporary art by
emerging and established northwest artists.


7 thoughts on “Sunday at the Portland Art Museum

  1. B. Meandering

    You've given us a lot to click and explore — I will have to check out more later–time to get ready for school.Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! I love the header and quote.

  2. Maureen

    There's a wonderful documentary about Dorothy and Herb Vogel. Theirs is a fabulous story of art collecting.What did you think of Lee Kelly's work?


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