Saturday evening i went to see an outdoor concert.  It’s been awhile since i have attended such an event.  Long enough that i realized that, with age, i no longer want to get to a place early to ensure a place to sit, and i wouldn’t want to pay extra to stand in a sea of arm pits, and last but not least, i don’t care to attend a concert with the scent of porta-potty in the breeze.

It was a beautiful evening.  I left early and enjoyed the drive home.


3 thoughts on “venue

  1. Beth

    If I’m going to have to sit with standing folk all around me blocking out my view of the musicians, I might as well stay home and listen to the ‘Live in Concert’ Cd! (That’s the way it would be for several groups we have enjoyed in concert.)

    1. nancy Post author

      i did :-) it was the avett brothers and i am fond of their music. a very talented group. it was very well attended and the weather was near perfection. i mainly left early to avoid the massive traffic exit…i left the later leaving to the more hardy concert goers. it was also an exercise in taking myself places and enjoying things that i want to see and do.


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