4 thoughts on “stay

  1. Lovely and thanks for posting this as a response http://owenswain.com/1/will-you-kiss-me/. The focus of that poem (mine I mean) is not leaving but the very strong desire to ‘stay’ and while doubts are expressed an underlying hope and confidence are (I hope) the thrust of the narrator’s intent :)

    I greatly value how we are able to spin off one another’s work/play

    1. i value this as well. it is good to be able to create in a kind of response to reading the words that you have put down. or in a kind of continuation at times. i think that people should do this kind of creative relating more often. and i’m grateful that you added the link to your poem…of which i should have remembered to do.

      i think that your words covey how faith is, the doubts that come and go, the times when we are not sure just where we are. The changes in ourselves and how we are relating to God. And the desire to feel His Love and presence.

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