photo from flicker, with crop and tint

Yes, sometimes i get tired of my own stuff so when i saw the old typewriter image on flicker, i scooped it up and started to play with it a bit.  A little cropping and a bit of tint was all.  But, i would not want anyone to think that it was my piece of work, because it’s not.
I like it when people share.  Especially when they share ideas and art.  I understand that there is an extreme to not sharing and an extreme to using.  What i am talking about a kind of exchange that is amicable.  Where one person is not opposed to sharing an idea, and another person uses it in a new way that does not take advantage of the person that shared.
For example, let’s say that i showed five people an idea and told them to do a piece of their own art with that idea in mind.  I am certain that there would be five new and different pieces of art that did not look at all like the original.  In that case, i would see these as being done by the five artists.
Ideas are reprocessed and changed, and they become new ideas.  Then those ideas lead to new ideas.  If you are not going to use an idea…you don’t have to keep it to yourself.  You can share it with others.  Maybe even create something with another person or a group of people. 


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