faith and more faith


Mr. Lewis wrote two chapters with the same title.  
Does that happen in a lot in books?
Perhaps there is a lot to talk about.  Yet, i don’t really think so.  The way i see it, is that instead of talking about Christianity, it is much better to be talking to Christ.  Instead of having directions to the castle, we can walk there with the King.
Yes, we can walk and talk with the King, every step of the way.   And He leads us in everything.  We can do nothing…and do nothing better than just this.  He knows all about the things going on that we can not see.  He takes care of the all those things as we talk to Him and listen, listen, listen to His voice informing our heart and mind in His way.  He uses what people say and what people do for His will and His glory.
There are no words to describe exactly what happens after believing in Christ.  I can say that we are connected Spiritually with God.  And sooner or later we see that a special thing takes place in the way of togetherness and relating with Father, Son, Spirit.   As relating is taking place, one can be aware of such things as His presence, a refilling of faith, a desire for His will to be done (i think this is sometimes felt as wanting the world and all to be right and good again), and sometimes we are aware of His will “being done” in, for, with, and through all of us.

We just walk with God, talk with God and Listen…and we hear His voice.

Yes, we know His voice.  It is a wonderful voice.  A soft, guiding, and sometimes gently nudging voice.

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