Take six people, six journals, six different addresses, and add some words.  And you have yourself the makings for “Traveling Journals.”

At first i had the expectations that the journals would go from one person, through the mail, to another person and so on.  So far so good.  But then, i expected that each journal would spend about a week with each person.  Time enough to write a poem and be sent along…ahem…to the next person…cough cough choke silence.  Well, that is where the expectation started to be chiseled away and trust took it’s place.

The journals actually do arrive at each house, and then, here’s the catch, they land in the middle of a home, lives, stuff, things going on.  And this is the part i left out of the planning.  Planning only took me so far, and then i ran into waiting… for a year.

Yes, it has been a year since i sent the pages on their way to be covered with words.  Yet, in that waiting were surprises that i didn’t expect or plan for.

There were e-mails, and questions.

And there was five other busy lives,

and yet, there was connection.

Hiding in the waiting was trust, patience, Love, giving and sharing.

Yes… there was…

for a whole wonderful year.

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