traveling journals


my traveling journal has been traveling for about a year, and now it has returned home again.
the first place that it traveled to was to louise in calgary.  there louise added a poem called “love’s memory.”
after calgary the journal went traveling to saskatchewan to be with melissa, where she wrote for the journal two poems, “lock box” and “all mush” dated august 2010.
after being in canada, the journal returned to the united states to visit with erin in iowa.  erin gave the journal two of her poems, “you everywhere” and “confession” dated february 2011.
then the journal skipped on over to to the east coast to maureen‘s house in virginia, receiving her poem ” a powerful pull.”
the last stop before returning back to oregon was to go and see heather in mississippi.  heather gave the journal a gift of two pieces of writing without titles.
note to the traveling journal owners:
thank so very much for allowing my journal to stay with you all, and for your gifts of words that came back with it.  what a trip!
i also received…

melissa’s journal, which after it’s visit with me in oregon, will be going back to canada to see louise, before returning home.

and erin’s journal, which after hanging out in oregon for awhile, will also be going to see louise and then melissa, before returning to iowa.


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