I have been blogging for many years, and i have changed blogs, made new blogs, gone from blogger to wordpress and now both. I have three blogs at the moment. It has been interesting to say the least.

Writing on a blog has shown me that there are other people in the world that have some of the same interests as me. Through other bloggers i have learned what words can do. I have been encouraged and Loved in the many comments that have come my way.

People have come and gone, just like in any other part of my life. There is a time for everything. Everything has a season in our lives. I have found that to be true online that same as anywhere else. Except for the fact that being in the same space physically is usually out of the question.

At times people are led to do something together for a while.. To create something, or build something. Or they are led to say something to someone only once.

Anyway, what i am trying to say is that my time online, is just that…time online. And i don’t know anything beyond that.

I do know however, that i am sticking to a plan, which is God’s plan, and not my plan. And that is who i will continue to listen to.

So i don’t know exactly what is going to happen here, or anywhere else for that matter. But i know that that there will always be change.

The change i have been noticing in my blogging is that i read less. I was trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs because i like the people. But, some people post long and often and i just could not keep up. And so i stopped reading some and i’m reading others less often. It’s a gradual change, but, i see it happening.

I have exchanged a few postal addresses over the years with some bloggers, so some communication now has that added perspective. I don’t know if it will replace other types or not, it is just another gradual change that i have noticed happening.

14 thoughts on “communication

  1. lschontos

    There must be something in the air Nance. I’ve come to the same place. There simply isn’t enough time to read and comment on all of the blogs I follow – not and have a real life too. I’m stepping back a bit too. I think it’s a good thing.

  2. mdoallas

    I love how Valeries always notices the banners. Love this one, Nance.

    I’ve been thinking of making Saturday Sharing irregular or just going to 5-days-a-week blogging but I don’t know. Sometimes I need to write a poem and put it out. I’ve written so many poems in the last month that haven’t seen light on WWP. Others are buried in comment sections of others’ blogs. There’s just so much that piques my curiosity, keeps me looking and writing and sharing. I love traveling with you and the rest of the community (er, communities; I am juggling more than one, most virtual. . . who would’ve imagined?).

  3. Valerie Kamikubo

    I have been feeling the same way myself lately. It’s interesting that you have that new sink banner up above. I’ve been finding myself reaching for the dishtowel and calling my husband in so that we can hand do the dishes together. It serves as a chance to connect in a way that just popping the dishes into the dishwasher never did… more time spent doing simple things like that and less time in front of the TV or the computer. It also leaves more time for creative efforts :-)

    1. nancy Post author

      I don’t call change good or bad. I just know that it takes place. The main thing i know is that i am meant to do is Luke 10: 27. The rest comes within relationship and communication…us with God, and God with us.

      God can speak to us in many ways. But, we know it when we hear it.
      Not before He is ready to say it, but, when He says it.
      He does not share His plan ahead of time. It’s the “need-to-know and when we need to know it” method.

  4. shrinkingthecamel

    Nance , you are not the only one feeling this way. Most of the bloggers I know are talking about this same thing, blogger burnout, or whatever, when you realize you just can’t keep up with everyone. That your blogging served a great purpose in getting to know people, but maybe there is less time or willingness to do it as much.
    I am in the same boat.

    1. nancy Post author

      It’s not burnout. It’s opening. It’s hard at times.

      I Love the people. But, as people do,
      they change and move on to other things.
      Staying in touch becomes out of the question
      unless there is a mutual connection.

      I am continuing to write-blog. I am also continuing to read blogs, hopefully with more grace and understanding, and…yes, perhaps less often.

      I continue to learn the thing about Love and life that is… learning how to hold-on to something that does…and should…flow. I am finding that is done with open hands, and an open heart… to God showing me His way, and trusting in that.

      Not holding-on to people, or to what is or what was, or what will or will not be. Not holding-on at all, but opening…my hands, my arms, my heart, my self to the flow of God’s Spirit.


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