in the light


i wonder…what makes people perceive something as beautiful.

sometimes something just needs a new name, or to be hung on a clean, white wall so that people can look at it in a new way.

4 thoughts on “beauty

  1. beth

    It worked for now! I did do a new password, but I have before and it works until I try to log in on another day and then they won’t let me. If I can’t log in, then wordpress will not post my comment. I have commented on your last 4, friend and as you can figure out, you’ve not gotten them. I am not feeling that wordpress is a beautiful site!

  2. beth

    Okay, I will try for the umpteenth time to write a comment. I have been warring with wordpress to reset my password as they would not tell me the one I forgot. I am up to 15 emails from them and no live contact person.

  3. steve

    New eyes always help. I had a photography professor in college that hung work upside down. She believed art was good no matter how you viewed it. It was years before I truly understood what she meant.


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