Am I ~ poem by duane scott


Am I
The only one
Who projects his toe
From beneath the sheets
To catch within himself

A breath unclaustophobic?

Am I
The only one
Who wanders onward
In a sleepless night
To play with words
Instead of play with dreams?

Am I
The only one
With eyes awake

Wrapped in clinging linens

Of doubt and also fearlessness
As I flirt with poetry?

No, I am
Not the only one
God smiles from above
He smirks as my toe emerges
And as I play with words
He reminds me I should not doubt
For within me he has placed
A talent although small
But still a talent…

Am I
Lying here awake
Because I doubt His power
To cause a boy to use
a gift from Him

At this unearthly hour?

Am I. 


duane scott


4 thoughts on “Am I ~ poem by duane scott

  1. L.L. Barkat

    I amnot a tellerof classified poetsecrets,but I've been knownto snack on a poemor two,when the house wasmorning-silent.(Duane, welcome to poetry. It's a great place to be. :)


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