washing feet


we all have a little somethin’ to share in each moment of being.
each of us… is the only one… that is standing in the place we are standing,
or have come through the same things we have come through,
the only one that has that “one” point of placement in “each” moment.
that makes each of us unique in the gifts we can give in each of our moments.

one person can’t be everywhere.
but, each person in God can be where they are.  no one else can be exactly that person in that place.
no matter where you are, your perspective view from that place is the only one.  no one else can “be”
it, no one else can “see” it,  no one else can “understand” it in the same way, no one else can “pray”
for it in the same way, no one else’s spirit will be “hearing” the same way from the Spirit of God.

you can be one unique part and hopefully you are connected to the vine, hopefully you are a seed
planted in good soil, hopefully you are sharing in the bread of life, hopefully you are aware of the
importance of what you are in God, in each moment that is especially you, and how your uniqueness
is a benefit in the body of Christ.  God wants you.  God wants to live with you through your spirit.

God wants His people to turn to Him, through the Son of the Father God, and so your spirit and His
Holy Spirit.

share bread with one another
share God’s Love with one another
wash one another’s feet
know that we are each a part of the Body of Christ

from the book of john, chapter fifteen:

I am the true vine. My father is the gardener.
He cuts off every branch joined to me that
does not bear fruit.  He trims every branch
that does bear fruit. Then it will bear even
more fruit.  You are already clean because
of the word I have spoken to you.
Remain joined to me, and i will remain joined
to you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself.
It must remain joined to the vine.
In the same way, you can not bear fruit unless you remain joined to me.
…… Here is my command.  Love each other.

9 thoughts on “washing feet

  1. shrinkingthecamel.com

    Nance — I love that photo! The color, shape and magical swirl…Can't figure out exactly what it is, though. Which is good! Now, about your words here… Isn't it strange the way we can only be at one place at one time with one point of view, yet it is also possible to share with others, break bread and love. What a strange concoction God hath brewed in us, humans in community. Each of our unique selves are part of the whole – to give to one another.

  2. B. Meandering

    Said like only unique you could say it. That scripture is loaded with meaning. God's been pruning me for awhile now. That verse has really helped me be at peace with the process.

  3. krys kirkpatrick

    Thank-you for your visit. It is always nice to see a new face. Yes I agree it is as simple as love. Start with the perfection that we are and extend it to all who cross your path. Even a little smile is a gift to a stranger.


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