rainbow heart

i meet people online that are open to sharing.  we have the desire to share and communicate in common, and writing online is one of the ways that we do that.

by way of my interest in poetry, i met tiger windwalker on twitter.  he often tweets short poems called haiku, and has a good sense of humor.  i have since found that there are quite a few who like to do haiku twittering.

one day,  not to long ago, tiger asked for my address so that he could send me his book of poetry, and asked if i would write a blog on it.  so i did… and he did… and i am.

i have not finished the book, but, i have read through most of it.  i read book poetry slowly, going forward and back in the pages.

tiger’s words speak of an open heart and a love of being surrounded by nature,  a desire to slow down, to see the beauty around him, and thankfulness.  and his poetry reflect this.  he travels in a different circle than i in some spiritual beliefs, yet our circles overlap in words of friendship and the beauty of creation.

tiger, thank you for your sharing from your heart.

tiger windwalker
book: walk in beauty journey of a big sir mystic
blog: coyote dolphin 

Labor of Love

by tiger windwalker
from “walk in beauty” page 70

I held the piece
Of rough marble in my hand
As I fashioned it
I worked it
Then sanding
Stage after stage
I squeezed it
Flipped it
Held it on end
Caressed it
Until the marble
Began to take the shape
Of my hand

As it became smoother
And smoother
Its surface began to reveal
a map of delicate lines
And subtle colorations
Somehow it felt like my life
And that of  the stone
Were emerging together
I understood
That all of the painful
And challenging experiences
I have encountered
Have been the abrasive grit
That has given definition
To my character
Time and Life’s erosions
Have exposed me
For who i really am…

God’s hidden treasure


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