book discussion . week 1

mc book

i put the book on hold in my library system right away.
because i wanted to take part in the book discussion today.
and today is the day i was able to pick it up.

i see that the book is divided into five books.
the first book being, right and wrong as a clue to the meaning of the universe.
and chapter one of that book is, the law of human nature.

lewis is stating here that humans have a sense of right and wrong.
of course we do!  we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
it is actually a curse that we know such things.
it would be better if we could just put the cat back in the bag
and be with God in the garden.

he is calling this sense of right and wrong, human nature.

i would say that human nature is… to do what we can get away with,
without getting into a situation that is uncomfortable.

and, one can be uncomfortable for many reasons.

our actions are pretty much in tune with human needs,
and then human desires.

we have a sense of how we, ourselves, want to be treated.
and, we can understand the feelings of others when we listen.
but, our own thoughts and feelings tend to be the most important.

i can hear lewis when he says that we want to think of ourselves as being
good, but, then find that we can not be what we see as good.

it is quite the struggle to be good or even look good, when one is not.

it seems i have read this book before, but if i did, it had to be ages ago.

this post is linked, for the book discussion,
at the blog of Sarah Salter,
called living between the lines.

8 thoughts on “book discussion . week 1

  1. nance marie

    i am finding that reading the posts and comments is a good way to see different perspectives on the material. the generous and kind interaction opens the heart.

  2. jasonS

    So true, Nance. Our fallen sin nature wants to gratify itself and do the comfortable, expedient thing. Thanks for the joining the discussion!

  3. Louise Gallagher

    And… making choices that lift us up to our Higher good is what differentiates us. Even knowing I can get away with it – doing the right thing is what I must choose to live the greatness God created me as — and that's why I have free will.


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