you crack me up


some of you already know my first name and my second name, however, i have chosen to start going by my third, out of four, names. my four names are nancy marie davis rosback. that is the truth. if i had made something up, it wouldn’t be those four names. the last name is my married name, it was once spelled rossbach, but got americanized. anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know that i have chosen to go by “davis” rosback. i like the name. my husband has always called me davis. and my friends in high school all called me davis. i have changed it on much of the online places, where i can. otherwise i will try and leave a note in the other places were it’s harder to change. the one i am not sure of is my email address…i might deal with that one later.
the above photo is from yesterday. i made four big, thin crackers for the first time. i have made thicker, heartier ones before, but, not the thin ones that are crispy. peter said that he would rather have these than store-bought crackers. they were actually pretty easy to make. i like the way i can “crack” smaller pieces off of the larger one.  after they were done baking, i laid them on the oven racks and left them in the warm oven with the door “cracked” open. that kept them nice and crispy.

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