12 thoughts on “title

  1. shrinkingthecamel

    My wife and I are having big talks about how we’re too old for labels, for caring too much about what people think, for believing or following or thinking in certain ways that have been categorized as acceptable or not. The truer, the you-er, is what I said.

    1. davis

      You and your wife do it too. We all label the people that we see or meet. For example; You have a label for me, and it would not be the same label that your wife would have for me, or that my neighbor has for me. It could have nothing to do with who i find myself to be, and yet, it is how each person perceives me and how they see me according to their life and their perspective.

      Similar to opening a gift from someone. It is unwrapped and instantly there are thoughts that label it. The label can change, but, there is always a label.

      I have recently found that it’s good to see the labels, if possible, and realize how differently each person sees me through their eyes, their thoughts, their heart. I will wear the labels until they fall off. And i will try to see each one for what it truly is.

    1. davis

      they usually drop off pretty quickly in the fall. in november the winds blow mine over the hill. then come the new year’s labels. they can be quite sticky.


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