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a visit to the E.R.


spent a bit of sunday afternoon in the emergency room.
i fell going down stairs.  the plate and bowl that i was carrying landed
on the floor first and my left hand came down on broken stoneware bowl pieces.
got some pretty new stitches, a digital x-ray, and a tetanus/whooping cough shot.
i’m thankful that i didn’t break my neck.
i found out that i’m fairly good at flying, but my landing pretty much sucks.


the reality of the law . chapter 3

the reading of mere christianity continues…
and c.s. lewis is looking for truth,

for the realness of this “something” that that comes in above
and beyond the actual facts of how humans do behave.

this “something else”, this law of how we ought to behave,
that none of us made, but, which we find pressing on us
to be fair, honest, kind, unselfish.

things that we expect from others as well as our self.

our book club host this week is sarah salter
you can find us over at her place (here

hither and yonder


this is a photo of a vineyard in new zealand.  my husband goes there for the fall grape harvest that
takes place around the end of march/beginning of april.  to come home he will fly from the south island
to the north island, then board another flight for a 13 hour trip from the north island to LA, and then a
seven-hour layover in LA before the final leg to pdx.

he arrives in the u.s. about the same time and date he left the south island.
also, the flight takes-off from a new zealand fall, to touch-down in a west coast spring.

photo taken on a trip in april of 2009.



have you ever considered
that perhaps
poetry is
what comes first,
and then
some people use
to communicate said poetry?

yes, just imagine.

the words

are not the poetry

but just one way
to communicate the poetry.



i was thinking of things that can seem just so simple, yet are very
special, and take someone’s time and effort and care to do it.
this was after looking at glynn young’s latest “saturday good reads.”

every saturday, that i see this post, i can see something about the list
that just calls out care and Love.  it is almost like the people behind
the gathered links have been linked together through the caring.

as i thought of it further and deeper, i started to think that perhaps this
seems so special because glynn gives what he does to God, and the
things that we do that are given to God…they come together in Love.
which is very very special.  the power of God for His Glory.

Am I ~ poem by duane scott


Am I
The only one
Who projects his toe
From beneath the sheets
To catch within himself

A breath unclaustophobic?

Am I
The only one
Who wanders onward
In a sleepless night
To play with words
Instead of play with dreams?

Am I
The only one
With eyes awake

Wrapped in clinging linens

Of doubt and also fearlessness
As I flirt with poetry?

No, I am
Not the only one
God smiles from above
He smirks as my toe emerges
And as I play with words
He reminds me I should not doubt
For within me he has placed
A talent although small
But still a talent…

Am I
Lying here awake
Because I doubt His power
To cause a boy to use
a gift from Him

At this unearthly hour?

Am I. 


duane scott