the reality of the law . chapter 3

the reading of mere christianity continues…
and c.s. lewis is looking for truth,

for the realness of this “something” that that comes in above
and beyond the actual facts of how humans do behave.

this “something else”, this law of how we ought to behave,
that none of us made, but, which we find pressing on us
to be fair, honest, kind, unselfish.

things that we expect from others as well as our self.

our book club host this week is sarah salter
you can find us over at her place (here

7 thoughts on “the reality of the law . chapter 3

  1. Helen

    I was thinking along the same lines last night, and remembering Pontius Pilate asking Jesus "What is truth?" Jesus was silent. I always wondered why, then yesterday it hit me: Pontius didn't really want to know.

  2. B. Meandering

    I like the sun–how did you do that? It was a welcome sight this morning.Fair, honest, kind, and unselfish: yes. Hard to accomplish –must be tuned into God at all times to even hope to be that way—but still the utmost to strive more.


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