hither and yonder


this is a photo of a vineyard in new zealand.  my husband goes there for the fall grape harvest that
takes place around the end of march/beginning of april.  to come home he will fly from the south island
to the north island, then board another flight for a 13 hour trip from the north island to LA, and then a
seven-hour layover in LA before the final leg to pdx.

he arrives in the u.s. about the same time and date he left the south island.
also, the flight takes-off from a new zealand fall, to touch-down in a west coast spring.

photo taken on a trip in april of 2009.


5 thoughts on “hither and yonder

  1. B. Meandering

    Incredible countryside–a little slice of heaven, huh?!That sounds like a long journey to endure for it, but if you have to travel that long, it looks like there's a great reward awaiting.:)I'm glad you'll have him back in the family unit again–I know how those days with husband gone can be.


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