i was thinking of things that can seem just so simple, yet are very
special, and take someone’s time and effort and care to do it.
this was after looking at glynn young’s latest “saturday good reads.”

every saturday, that i see this post, i can see something about the list
that just calls out care and Love.  it is almost like the people behind
the gathered links have been linked together through the caring.

as i thought of it further and deeper, i started to think that perhaps this
seems so special because glynn gives what he does to God, and the
things that we do that are given to God…they come together in Love.
which is very very special.  the power of God for His Glory.

7 thoughts on “special

  1. B. Meandering

    Good thinking. I headed there and was deeply touched by the stories I had time to read. I will go back there again. Thanks as always for leading me in a good direction.


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